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      Products >> Fabric Rooling Machine Series

      SW-125SR-K Tension Adjustable Fabric Rolling Machine

      Features: Equip with tension adjustable function.
      Speed adjustable, fabric measurement, fabric loosening, fabric rolling.

      SW-125 Single Speed Fabric Rolling Machine
      SW-125S Speed Adjustable Fabric Rolling Machine

      Features: Fabric Rolling, Speed control/fabric measurement.
      Watt: 0.75kw

      SW-125SRK-ED Tension-Free Fabric Rolling Machine With Edge Alignment

      Features: Fabric measurement, loosening, fabric stretching and fabric rolling with edge alignment.
      Best for: Knit fabric, woven, spandex(General Fabric)

      SW-125S-ED Auto Edge Aligment Fabric Rolling Machine

      Features: Speed control/fabric measurement/edge alignment.
      Option with: Tension-free fabric rolling machine with edge alignmen.
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